FB – Internal build error

Just a quick post on a flex builder 3 bug I just found.

Defining a constant on an interface causes Flex Builder to give you the ever helpful message at compile time :

“An internal build error has occurred.  Right click for more information”

Of course, there is no more information, you have to find what you did to break it through old fashioned sleuth work.

Anyway, constants on interfaces :  A stupid mistake, yes… but it’d be to have the compiler issue a stern telling off rather than flex builder throw it’s hands in the air and give up on me completely.

Really, Flex Builder – after all you and I have been through!?

Faithfully yours,



One thought on “FB – Internal build error

  1. Espen Skogen says:

    Yep. Loving the consistent error handling of Flex Builder.

    Have you tried this one:

    public function someFunction() : void
    a = “some value”;
    var a : String = new String();
    a = “some other value”;

    If I remember correctly, the compiler will think that’s great stuff – Not so during runtime.

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