Batch Loading Proxies in dpHibernate

I want to share a new feature of dpHibernate I’ve just committed to the codebase – batch loading.

The default behaviour of dpHibernate in the Flex Client is to lazy load any property that is required, as soon as it is first asked for.

This is all well and good, but in some cases, can generate a very high load on your webserver, and in turn – your database.

Take for example the following screenshot of an upcoming dpHibernate demo project:

For every question shown, there’s a list of associated tags.  This list is lazy loaded, so dpHibernate will fetch it as soon as it’s requested.  However, in the above screenshot, that generates a server request for each of the 21 displayed tags.  Hardly efficient.

dpHibernate now supports batching of requests for proxies.  It works as follows:

  • When a request is made to load a proxy from the flex client, dpHibernate postpones sending the request for a short time (the default is 50 milliseconds)
  • If another request is received during this delay, we extend the delay another 50 milliseconds, up to a maximum delay threshold (the default is 350 milliseconds)
  • Once either no more requests are made, or the maximum delay threshold is exceeded, send a request to load all the batches in a single server request.
  • On the server, make a single trip to the database to load all the entities
  • Return the loaded entites to the client

So, where previously this would’ve taken 21 server calls & 21 database trips, we’ve reduced it down to 1.  Not bad, eh?


This option is disabled by default.

To enable it, set the operationBufferFactory property of the HibernateRemoteObject to an instance of a LoadDPProxyOperationBufferFactory.  (Terrible names, I know, but naming is hard.)  Here’s an example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<fx:Group xmlns:fx=""
           xmlns:mx="library://" xmlns:digitalprimates="">
        <digitalprimates:HibernateRemoteObject id="dataAccessService" destination="dataAccessService" operationBufferFactory="{bufferFactory}"  />
            import net.digitalprimates.persistence.hibernate.rpc.LoadDPProxyOperationBufferFactory;
            public var bufferFactory:LoadDPProxyOperationBufferFactory = new LoadDPProxyOperationBufferFactory();

On the server, you need something to handle the load requests.  This isn’t trivial, and historically we’ve left writing server side implementations up to individual projects.  However, there’s now a default DataAccessService which provides support for all dpHibernate features out-of-the-box.  I’ll write more about this later, but if you can’t wait, head over and grab the latest source, or browse the class directly.  (Note, there’s an implementation geared towards Spring environments too here).


One thought on “Batch Loading Proxies in dpHibernate

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